Terroir Collection


Tapada de Colheiros Taco 2014, from a vineyard with a rich history, planted in 2001, stands out as one of the finest examples of traditional dryland viticulture. Produced only in years of exceptional quality and in limited quantities, with a predominantly southern solar exposure and surrounded by a dense forest of cork and holm oaks. With characteristic notes of moss from the Petit Verdot, integrated with the spices conferred by barrel aging, this red wine reveals itself as vigorous, with a vibrant acidity that highlights a unique and singular terroir.

Tapada de Coelheiros Sobreira 2020, from a vineyard planted in 2001 with the Syrah grape variety, benefits from a northwest exposure and proximity to a cork oak forest. This red wine reveals itself as full-bodied with robust yet silky tannins, promising good evolution over time.

As for Tapada de Coelheiro Alto 2018, it is a white wine that stands out for its vibrancy on the palate, driven by the characteristic acidity of Arinto, possessing a silky texture and an elegant body. Originating from the Alto vineyard, located in the center of Tapada de Coelheiros, on a slight slope surrounded by walnut orchards, meadows, and a grove of stone pines that inspire the label of this wine. It originates from granitic soils rich in clay, where the largest concentration of white grape varieties, particularly Arinto, is found, giving rise to this wine.

GRAPE VARIETIES Alto × Sobreita × Taco