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Quality and Food Safety Policy of Tapada de Coelheiros, Ltd.

A Tapada de Coelheiros – Lda. recognized for the quality of its products in both national and international markets, the company aims to consolidate sustained growth and ensure its position in an increasingly competitive market through certification in the standards NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018. In such a market, excellence and quality are key differentiators from the competition and a requirement from customers/consumers.

Thus, in defining its quality and food safety policy, it commits to all stakeholders to:

  • Consider the organization’s context and align the Quality Management System with the strategic direction of Tapada de Coelheiros, Ltd.
  • Ensure the quality and food safety of its wines.
  • Produce in a conscientious manner, always seeking to implement processes with minimal environmental and social impact.
  • Invest in innovation and optimize production processes.
  • Modernize and align the image of its products.
  • Focus on employees, particularly in training and qualification, improving the working environment.
  • Establish internal and external communication with all links in the chain necessary for the food safety of its wines.
  • Ensure that the products made available to customers are safe, including those provided within the scope of wine tourism activities, and comply with legal, statutory, normative, and regulatory requirements in terms of food safety and the sector of activity.
  • Ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction by differentiating the brand while remaining true to its identity and meeting their needs and expectations.
  • Establish a partnership relationship with suppliers and customers.
  • Contribute to research and development projects through partnerships with academic and non-governmental organizations.
  • Practice quality management as a dynamic and evolving process, intrinsic to the organizational culture.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the implemented Quality and Food Safety Management System (QFSMS).

Igrejinha, April 29, 2024