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Com a chegada do outono a Tapada de Coelheiros lança uma nova atividade de enoturismo. Desta vez, de 2 a 29 de outubro, aos vinhos juntam-se as nozes e um novo programa dedicado a um dos mais antigos nogueirais da região do Alentejo e às diferentes variedades de nozes.

Tapada de Coelheiros, renowned for its iconic wines and regenerative, organic farming practices, now reveals a new perspective of the estate by introducing a wine tourism program dedicated to one of the oldest walnut groves in the Alentejo region and its various walnut varieties.

Keeping the wines in the spotlight and emphasizing the estate’s walnuts and how they are produced, the 2023 Walnut Program includes:

Jeep tour across the estate and vineyards with stops at the walnut grove: where you’ll have the opportunity, as availability allows, to handle and crack open a walnut in the field. You’ll get to learn about the different walnut varieties present and understand the sustainable practices applied in their production.

Tour of the Walnut Warehouse: Exploring the storage facility to gain insights into the post-harvest stages and the journey of walnuts from the orchard to the storage, showcasing the aspects that contribute to their final presentation.

Wine tasting Experience: To conclude, the program includes a walnut tasting experience. This tasting is paired with five Tapada de Coelheiros wines and accompanied by some regional products.

Tapada de Coelheiros is in the process of converting to organic certification for its agriculture, with its vineyard already obtaining certification for its wines in 2022.“We will obtain organic certification for the walnut grove in 2024, as well as for the entire estate.”, João Raposeira, responsible for the fields and ecosystems, shares“It is known that a walnut grove can consume a significant amount of water, but we minimize that consumption as much as possible. We employ methods for measuring water stress, enhancing plant resilience, and agricultural practices that reinforce soil organic matter, protect against erosion, and promote microbial life, facilitating soil regeneration. Examples of these practices include the use and improvement of vegetative cover or holistic grazing methods.”states João Raposeira.

“In addition to wine, our approach is to view Tapada de Coelheiros as a whole. Everything works better when all elements are in harmony and balance, and the walnut grove is also a very important part of this ecosystem,” adds Luís Patrão, winemaker.

This program is priced at €70 per person and is available from October 2 to 29.

Reservations are now open, and spots are limited. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn more about this fruit, which remains one of the best-kept secrets of the estate.

Advance reservations are mandatory and can be made via email at, by phone at +351 266 470 000, or through WhatsApp at +351 927 324 551.

In addition to this program, Tapada de Coelheiros offers other experiences, all of which are available for consultation on the website