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Tapada de Coelheiros has just obtained organic agriculture certification for its vineyard. Since 2015, the project has embraced organic and environmentally sustainable practices with the goal of converting the entire property to this approach. Coelheiros White and Rosé from the 2022 harvest will be the first wines to receive this certification and will soon be available in the market.

According to Alberto Weisser, owner of Tapada de Coelheiros, “It is with great pride that we see the entire vineyard of Tapada de Coelheiros certified. The desire to make this a project with a holistic vision, where ecosystems relate and enhance each other, has always been our ambition.” The property now sees its 50 hectares of vineyards certified, immersed in a mosaic of cultures. “From walnut groves to pine forests, from deer to sheep, from cork oak forests to olive groves, everyone plays a fundamental role in the interactions of the Tapada ecosystem that benefit the vineyard and, consequently, the quality of the wines,” he adds.

The team believes that the present biodiversity is crucial for creating a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. João Raposeira, responsible for viticulture and ecosystems, explains: “This unique biodiversity in Tapada de Coelheiros promotes a natural balance on the property and allows for a positive and qualitative impact on vineyard cultivation, minimizing the need for our intervention.” Tapada de Coelheiros, already certified with Sustainable Production by PSVA (Alentejo Wines Sustainability Program), adopts a comprehensive vision of sustained wine production, with not only organic but also regenerative agricultural practices.