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We’re proudly biodynamic, organic, holistic and regenerative.

Words carry weight, so it would be simplistic to define ourselves with just one. We proudly declare ourselves to be biodynamic, organic, holistic and regenerative.

A abordagem de agricultura orgânica que temos é, para nós, um compromisso. Significa que não utilizamos produtos de síntese química, e que seguimos, em vez disso, práticas de maneio subtil das culturas.

Aqui, na Tapada de Coelheiros, utilizamos produtos de base natural, como leite, extratos de algas e de plantas, de forma a aumentar a resistência da flora, exponenciando-a em vez de a desgastarmos.

The focus is on restoring and enhancing soil fertility so that its microbial life (bacteria and fungi that compose it) can maintain their natural processes, truly acting as healers of the land. We are merely facilitators of these processes.

Enoturismo Tapada de Coelheiros


Water management

Monitorizamos o uso da água através dos caudilímetros, rega gerida com sondas de solo, e da uma estação meteorológica própria.

Gestão da água Tapada de Coelheiros


We monitor water via water meters, irrigation managed with soil probes, and our own weather station. Ao longo da propriedade, os diferentes bebedouros, por exemplo, trabalham autonomamente através de painéis solares fotovoltaicos.

Energia Tapada de Coelheiros


Our solar park supplies us with clean energy. For example, the different drinking fountains throughout the estate function autonomously via photovoltaic solar panels.

Abrigos Tapada de Coelheiros


O nosso rebanho é composto por mais de 1300 borregos, que pastoreiam os montados, estrumam o solo e mantêm o equilíbrio do coberto vegetal.

Pastoreio Tapada de Coelheiros

Plant cover

Our flock is made up of over 1300 lambs, which graze the montados, fertilise the soil and maintain the right amount of plant cover. .

 Tapada de Coelheiros

Ecological corridors

Permitem a livre circulação da biodiversidade em todos os pontos da Tapada de Coelheiros, entre as diferentes culturas. It boosts soil fertility due to the various microorganisms associated with the root complexes, as well as increasing drainage capacity and natural aeration, which prevents erosion.

Tapada de Coelheiros

Direct seeding

These allow biodiversity to circulate freely among the different crops growing at Tapada de Coelheiros. With XXX kilometres of riparian galleries (vegetation on the banks of watercourses), the watercourses are protected and the existing biodiversity improved.

Sementeira directa Tapada de Coelheiros

Natural preparations

We believe that conventional tillage ruins the richness of the soil, which is why we’ve opted for direct seeding. This helps improve the fertility and well-being of our soil and meadows.

Reparos Naturais Tapada de Coelheiros

Terroir Wine Tasting

We could call them homemade remedies that have stood the test of time. At Tapada de Coelheiros, they’re biodynamic preparations, plant extracts and fern tea that are used in the vineyard to replicate crucial microorganisms. . .

Terroir Tapada de Coelheiros


The “less is more” maxim is taken very seriously in the winery. The main focus is on manual labour, the quality of the oak and respect for how long different things take. Employing small-scale production, there are single-plot wines and others bottle-aged for years. The grapes are treated with the utmost respect and care, then processed with minimal use of technology. Ageing wine in subtle oak takes time and patience – and this dedication can be felt in the wines.

Adega Tapada de Coelheiros


There are nine vineyards, divided into 38 sections: Leonilde, Choupal, Monte, Alto, Taco, Cabido, Sobreira de Cima, Sobreira de Baixo and Ribeira. Apart from all being certified as organic, they’re all unique. We have vineyards that were planted four decades ago, while others are just months old. The soils vary: some are sandy, loamy, clay rich, granite based, others quartz based. There are 53 disperse hectares, 60% of which are non-irrigated. We prioritise indigenous grape varieties, the best acidity levels or the lowest alcohol content.

Vinhas Tapada de Coelheiros

Pomar de nogeiras

There are several groves in Tapada de Coelheiros, the oldest being in its thirties. Different walnut varieties are produced in different groves.

Pomar de Nogueiras Tapada de Coelheiros

Olive Grove

Planted in around two hectares of fertile soil, the olive grove is around 60 years old. Traditionally spaced and very dense, the canopies are so wide they touch one another, while protecting the soil with their extensive shade.

Olival Tapada de Coelheiros

Pine Forest

There are three clusters of stone pines. Due to the different types that exist and the pines’ varied characteristics (age, size), there are small woods within the huge pine forest. As its name suggests, Pinhal do Alto is very tall, which allows for different strata of trees and shrubs.

Pinhal Tapada de Coelheiros


The montado inspires all the estate’s crops and may be, for that reason, the most important of all. There are 650 hectares of cork oaks (70%) and holm oaks (30%) in this multi-faceted system. The montado, which is a unique type of agroforestry, plays a vital role in carbon sequestration and creates a virtually perfect system. No bosque há, diversidade de espécies (que acomoda ovelhas e veados, além de prados semeados) e protege-se a regeneração natural de espécies (são já mais de 3 mil sobreiros bebés protegidos, sobreiros adultos e azinheiras)

Montado Tapada de Coelheiros
Tapada de Coelheiros Orgânico