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Projeto Cofinanciado pela EU

Project Title | Internationalization of Wines of Excellence

Project Code I ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-014005

Main Objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Intervention Region | Alentejo

Beneficiary Entity | Herdade dos Coelheiras – Agricultural Company, S.A.

Approval Date I 14.01.2016

Start Date I 21.09.2015

Completion Date | 20.09.2017, with an approved extension until 20.09.2018

Total Eligible Cost I 265.650,00 euros

Financial Support from the European Union I FEDER – 119.542,50 euros

Objectives, Activities, and Expected/Achieved Results:

In line with its medium and long-term strategy, Herdade de Coelheiras submitted a project under the Portugal2020 Internationalization program with the aim of promoting the internationalization of its wines, increasing its export share, and overall business volume. This project will contribute to enhancing a dynamic competitiveness factor known as Internationalization.

The strategy for promotion in international markets, including China, Brazil, Angola, Germany, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom, involves a range of actions covering market characterization, development of action plans tailored to the company’s product specificities and target markets, production of promotional materials, organization of contact events and wine tastings, as well as participation in international sector fairs, leading to increased visibility and recognition of the brand in target markets.

Through the implementation of this project, the company focused on consolidating its presence in existing markets and acquiring new customers in markets showing a strong preference for high-quality Portuguese wines. Notably, in the US and UK markets, the project enabled prospecting missions resulting in new importers and, consequently, the opening of new markets for Coelheiras. In the case of Germany, participation in the largest and most important international wine fair had repercussions across all other potential and existing markets. Investment in promotional materials proved valuable as support for prospecting missions.

This project successfully opened new export markets for Herdade de Coelheiras and increased its brand awareness and sales in markets where it was already present. The export share of Herdade de Coelheiras was positively impacted by this project. Overall, the visibility, recognition, and sales of wines from Herdade de Coelheiras and the brand itself were significantly enhanced and expanded through this project.