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Circular Notice

Project Designation: I ENCIRCLE – Circular ECOnomy at CoeLhEiros Estate

Project Code | 20/SI/2018 – IQ SME – 42041

Main Objective | Conducting a diagnosis and implementing solutions for the transition to a Circular Economy, focusing on resource management in the wine production and walnut production activities of the company.

Intervention Region | Alentejo

Beneficiary Entity | Coelheiros Estate, Ltd.

Approval Date | 15.01.2019

Completion Date | 01.04.2020

Total Eligible Cost | 6,450.00 Euros

EU Financial Support | ERDF – 4,837.50 EUR


Coelheiros Estate has undergone significant restructuring, both in terms of brand and image, as well as infrastructure. For the new administration, it is crucial to equip the company with the technical and productive capacity suitable for the current times, making it competitive with other brands in the same segment.

This project aims to conduct a diagnosis of the company’s water needs and characterize its water flows.

The study is expected to identify opportunities for improvement in water use efficiency.

By understanding where and what measures can be taken to reduce consumption and optimize the management of this essential and scarce resource, production costs can be reduced, and the environmental viability of the company can be enhanced.